Thursday, December 31, 2009

Junior Fun Night

I hope you can all make it to Junior Fun Night. It will be a lot of fun for everyone! Even if you don't like country music the Dallas Bull has another dance floor upstairs that plays dance music. We will have a private room and there will be door prizes and snacks.

I hope to see you with your boots on!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sometimes Fundraising is FUN!

Temple Terrace Juniors at Keel & Curley Wine Tasting

Tampa Juniors at Keel & Curley

When I last left you I was looking forward to a busy November. We had lots of fun at all our volunteer events. Light the Night didn't go as planned but the dinner event with the girls from HCCS was a lot of fun, and Starlett taught us some etiquette lessons. The Thanksgiving meeting with the Juniorettes was a big success, we even had 7 members of the Woman's Club attend.

But as I stated it isn't always work. We also had our Wine Tasting fundraiser at Keel & Curley, it was a lot of fun and our fundraising committee did a wonderful job. With your ticket you got to sample 6 types of wine and get a full glass. There was yummy finger foods and a saxophone player that really added another level of entertainment to the event. As additional fundraising we had baskets up for raffle. The fundraising committee did a great job putting these together and getting donations, the baskets looked terrific.

Our next fundraiser will be a ghostwalk with details to be announced soon. I hope to see you there.